MV Residence
Eureka, Missouri

Proposal for a three-bedroom weekend house on a steep hillside in Eureka, Missouri. The house was designed to sit lightly on the land by placing only the end of the house with the bedrooms and bathrooms on a typical foundation, the main living areas rest on structural stilts above the hillside. The house was to have been constructed from a series of shop fabricated steel frames that would be shipped to the site and erected.



• 1997 Honor Award for
Excellence in Unbuilt Projects
AIA/CPC Design Awards,
St. Louis Chapter AIA

Jury Comments:

" The house is simply composed as a stray but formally unassertive shape in its natural setting. The jury admired the clarity of plan and section."

"Another modest project that is done with a lightness and kill lacking in 95% of that which gets built."



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