At Home St. Louis Magazine
November/December 2010

By Christy Marshall

Photography by
Alise O'Brien

At Home St. Louis Magazine Architect & Designer Awards 2010

Although economic woes persist, fearful clients and parsimonious lenders haven't shut down the creation of some spectacular homes.

From this vantage point, there is little lovelier or more consoling than having a beautiful place to hang a hat and rest a weary head. As von Schelling, the philospher, once said, "Architecture in general is frozen music." To our eyes, many of the designs that follow verge on downright rhapsodie.

For the third year in a row, we are proud to present the photos and descriptions of the first-place winners of the AT HOME Architect & Designer Awards. The number of entries total 159. To see the work entered by the second- and third-place winners, please visit us online at Each and every winner is there, in every category, with all of the photos submitted by the entrants.

Our stellar panel of judges – Los Angeles-based designer Barbara Barry, New York architect Carol Rusche Bentel, Veranda editor-in-chief Dara Caponigro, New York designer Lisa Frazar, Seattle architect Kirsten Murray, and Architectural Digest editor-in-chief Margaret Russell – pored over each and every entry. Ms. Russell called the assignment "daunting." We empathize. Also, for the first time, we've included the judges' comments in toto.

As occurred last year, some of our winners from previous years resurfaced. Of the first-place winners in 2009, eight of them snagged top honors again this year. Three of this year's winners – Gunn & Smith Architects, Jamieson Design, and Moynihan and Associates – have been named to that circle all three years of the competition. But it was especially rewarding to see so many new names in this year's group.

To all of those who entered, we want to thank you and urge you to give it a go again in 2011. We applaud your efforts and appreciate your work. You help make our city considerably lovelier – from the curb to the home's innermost reaches. Our compliments on jobs extremely well done..

BC & TL High-rise Apartment view project

Judges' comments:

  • "Such a shame that it’s only entered in this category."
  • "Sharp! The subtle shifts in the ceiling plane are effective in creating spatial variety within a fairly uniform design."
  • "Lovely. Shows how good proportion doesn’t need much else. I like the designed ‘intention’ over decoration. Backdrop for living a modern life."
  • "The designer made wonderful material choices for the raw space. The space feels coherent and has a nice flow. Despite all of the windows, the private areas feel private with the choice of sheer, tailored, ripple-fold curtains. The silhouette of the city beyond and the abundance of light is beautifully managed."
  • "Simple, sleek, handsome, elegant – very nice."

D & JL Residence view project

D & JL Residence view project

Soulard Loft Apartment view project