The Loft

Renovation of a 10,000-square-foot warehouse in the historic Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis to create offices for studio|durham architects and a loft-style apartment for the owners.

Apartment is entered from a private street-level courtyard created by removing the roof and second floor at the front of the building. The floor plan places all the service spaces along the south facade of the building that had few windows. Clerestory windows above the kitchen/ dining room space, revealed during construction, were restored.

The rest of the loft is left as a large open space that ends in a large living-level courtyard created by removing the roof structure at the back of the building. Exposed brick walls; new locally-harvested pine flooring; and aluminum replacement windows that match the original steel sash windows.


Third-Place Winner, Historic Residential Renovation At Home St. Louis  Magazine Architect & Designer Awards 2010

2005 Star Award Best Total Renovation [with the warehouse] Soulard Restoration Group



Architect & Designer Awards 2010 At Home St. Louis  Magazine November/December 2010

Off The Presses” At Home St. Louis  Magazine July/August 2006